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    08 Nov

    4 important guidelines for good packing

    One part of the supply chain is product delivery. Customers want to deliver products safely, worry-free, and at a good price. For companies, meeting the needs of customers is a difficult task that requires attention to detail and an understanding of national and international laws.

    In general, shipping requirements vary by product type, shipping company, and shipping location. For example, for shipments abroad, failure to comply with international regulations such as the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures and labeling requirements may delay the delivery, packaging or return of products. To increase customer satisfaction, on-time delivery is essential to worry-free delivery. So, here are 4 guidelines to ensure successful delivery:

    Select the packaging materials according to the requirements of the products – There are many packaging options available in the market such as envelopes, boxes, temporary bags, etc. to meet the needs of customers across a variety of business sectors. The choice of delivery package depends on the strength, durability, and nature of the goods. Sensitive, perishable, liquid, or hazardous products use different types of goods, so it is important to choose the right packing material for each order.

    Mode of Delivery – Each carrier has its own systems and processes that must be monitored to ensure a smooth supply chain and smooth delivery. Environmental protection in transit, safety, cargo regulations, and shipping management are some of the important things that carriers need to look into in order to deliver successfully.

    Packaging to support reverse operations – Product packaging should consider durability, based on two transport methods – one from the warehouse to the customer and the other from the customer to the warehouse. Logistics companies must prepare for situations such as customers not wanting their products, or deliveries failing or being rejected. In such cases, clear instructions should be included in the package explaining the unpacking process. It would be great if logistics companies could seamlessly connect domestic and international air, road, rail, and sea freight for distribution and packaging. Basic Packaging – Responsible companies must follow certain principles of effective packaging such as using packaging for products with sharp edges, packing fragile items, using protective materials such as plastic wrap bubbles where necessary, and sealing the product.

    A comprehensive logistics system enables the company to provide value-added services to its customers. For example, Gati Express Packers and Movers have the best capabilities of experienced staff, transparent business practices, quality assurance, and on-time delivery combined with a reliable logistics network to offer a wide range of services from residential, commercial, and industrial moving to load. packaging, and shipping. and other types of services for the benefit of individual and business customers.



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