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    08 Jul

    How packer and mover in India changes will be calculated for home shifting

    All movers and packers in India will consider a few factors while planning and estimating home shifting charges in India and they prepare your quotes according to these factors for the home shifting services. Here are some points which affect the cost for packers movers in India :

    Numbers of Items: if the number of Items is more than the charges will be more because more items than more packing material are required and you have to pay more.

    Travel Distance from current destination to New Destination: While estimating the cost movers and packers in India will consider the travel distance between the current and new city. The services provider of India will charge according to per KM. 

    Quality of Packing Material: Packers and Movers Chennai to Gurgaon will use high-quality packing material and accordingly charge. If the valuable and delicate items are more than material consumption will be more and charges go higher.

    Trailer size: this will be the important factor that Movers and Packers in India will consider while estimating the cost. If the quantity of the items is more than bigger trailers are required and charges of the bigger trucks are higher.

    Type of Services:  if you need fast services then you need dedicated truck services and the cost of dedicated trucks services will be more. And if you want normal services then a shared truck is used for normal services. In a shared truck, extra space will be shared with the other people. So the charges are not so much.

    Number of Staff required: we know loading and unloading of goods are difficult and challenging. So the requirement of the staff will depend on where you have to shift and where you have to go. If the shifting is done from the first floor then the requirement of the staff is less and if the shifting is from 4 floors then the requirement of the staff will increase. If the requirement of the staff increases then charges will also be affected.

    Toll and Road Charges: Movers and packers in India will add the toll and road charges while estimating the services charges.

    Brand Value: All branded companies in India have their own ways to provide services in standardized ways and their charges will be a little bit higher than the ordinary companies because these branded companies in India are having years of experience after that they have earned the brand value.

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